What is Love?

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

What Is Love?

I write a lot about Love in my book, Textual Healing, but in what context?

Love is such a basic word, used in conversation it’s almost meaningless. But I want to take a moment to clarify its usage for the benefit of the mantra Love, Adventure, Possibility, Opportunity.

Love is Big. We throw it around in daily usage, but the concept of Love is what drives our souls, what makes us individuals, and what makes us connect, when we connect. Love is the Universe’s way of dropping all pretenses and stripping us down to the naked truth.

Just Love. It is both noun and verb; and it is also energy.

What is the purest, cleanest, clearest thought or emotion possible? That’s Love. Tiny people, with that New Baby Smell, are Just Love. The feeling you get when you see magnificent beauty in nature, be it a grand Sequoia tree or a breaching humpback whale, is Just Love. The thing you want to do when you see someone suffering--an Olympic athlete injured in the final race or a victim of a tsunami--is Just Love.

When two people connect on the highest wave of consciousness, with no external inputs, no judgments, no expectations, that is pure, honest, eternal Love, no matter how long or how briefly they are together.

I was lucky enough to experience Love on this scale with a variety of people who were considered strangers at the time, and perhaps that was why the Love was Just. There were no constraints of any kind, only pure, honest, clear, undiluted energy that flowed freely through them, to and through me, and back to them. Sparks of awe, in fragments of calendar time, which last truly eternally within a soul. Once a connection like that is made, it cannot be broken, regardless of circumstance, or distance, or political party; and it is why it makes the world go ‘round.

That is what Love is.


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