What is Adventure?

What is Adventure?

The mantra is: Love, Adventure, Possibility, Opportunity.

Love is Universal, earth-shattering, soul-strengthening energy.

Adventure is anywhere that takes you. On my journey through Textual Healing, adventure ranged from taking a shower and putting on clean clothes to throwing a dart at a map and flying there for the weekend, and usually, it meant sleeping with a strange man along the way.

It doesn’t have to be all that, though. Adventure is simply the thing that wakes you up and shakes you from your monotony. Adventure means whatever personal journey you decide to take, today.

It helps to understand the nature of Adventure. It doesn’t have to be drastic or crazy or something that’s never been done before. Of course, you can be a pirate and go swashbuckling around the globe if you want to. But just as importantly, an adventure can be baking cookies with your kindergartener, reading at the bookstore with a latte, or taking a walk.

Adventure, in the context that I use it, is where I am on a given day. It’s looking at my circumstances and asking the Universe to help me make the most out of them. Sometimes I am rewarded with a big to-do list that wears me out by lunchtime, and sometimes I get a distinct urge to do something I wouldn’t usually do. That could be anything from taking out the crayons and drawing a picture, or hopping on a plane to somewhere I’ve never been. It’s up to me—and the Universe’s stellar guidance—to take me where I’m going, and to appreciate that it all comes together better if I surrender to it, when surrender is not taken as defeat, but merely a detour in my normal routine and a reminder that I don’t always know what’s best, even if I’ve made a list.

If I’m feeling like crap, but getting all the chores done, that’s not an adventure. But if I recognize that I can hold off grocery shopping for one more day so that I can take those two hours and treat myself to ANYTHING that makes me sustain a smile when the kids get home from school, that, my friend, is an adventure.

Taking the time to carve out tiny slices of time for an adventure—test driving a car, for example—begets bigger chunks of time for, say, lunch with a friend, which begets a night out with the girls, which will evolve into an awesome date night with whomever you choose ;)

Adventure. It’s what you make of it.

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