What Are Possibility & Opportunity?

For me, Possibility is the cornerstone of my life. The simple idea that anything, and therefore everything, is possible, keeps me in awe and anticipation.

I used to believe that possibility was for other people. People with a better education (they’re smart enough to make anything happen), or people who were born with trust funds (they whip out their AmEx to make things happen), or people who were too crazy to do anything but change things (they’re infused with freakish DNA that causes them to jump off a cliff with homemade wings and invent the airplane).

But after all this time, my life being full of my own adventures, I’ve concluded that Possibility is nothing more than a change in perspective, cemented in the moments of believing that I could pull something off, when incredible experiences illuminated my life.

The art of the dare was my introduction to Possibility as a youngster. When someone dared me to do something, like jumping off the diving board or asking a male clerk to show me where the tampons were, I became a legend for a few hours or a day. I felt free and invincible.

As I became a new member of adult society, Possibility was what happened when I just don’t know any better, when I was young and naïve, when ignorance was bliss. Not knowing that something is supposed to be impossible makes it automatically achievable, and so moving to New York to model, and being called back for movie roles, and spending time in the company of celebrities was lost on me, in terms of the odds that this sort of thing doesn’t happen to most people everyday.

And when Possibility and Opportunity work together, magical things happen. Opportunity is recognizing that the Universe is giving you what you asked for, and accepting the challenge to take it. I didn’t understand this about Opportunity until I looked back and saw all the times it knocked, and I didn’t answer, leaving so many of my possibilities rotting like old garbage because I didn’t accept its invitation.

Now when I look back, I see those missed opportunities where the only difference would have been a change in my perspective; and I can also trace every incredible thing that has ever happened to the moment I changed my mind about it. Many times, it was a forced change, but either way, I came out ahead.

At one time, everything was impossible. Light, iPhones, central air. But so was getting out of bed after a C-Section, finding an honest mechanic, and a weekly manicure. Small impossibilities lead to bigger ones, and before long, you’ll start to notice that life is made up of these milestones that were once impossibilities, but in time become accomplishments that will make you feel free and confirm that you are invincible.

Because you are.

Just look at what you’ve achieved: Walking—that pair of little sticks called legs managed to not only hold up your pudgy little body, but take it all the way across a room. Talking—you learned an entire language—and both, before you were five years old. Driving a car—are you serious? Forget crayons; did you ever think you would be able to keep a two-ton vehicle in between the lines at those speeds? Those are just ‘milestones’ now; almost everyone has reached them, and yet, they were impossible just before they became possible. You are capable of your own individual feats. There were many in your past. There will be many more to come. What’s possible is whatever you want to try next. Just say it out loud. That makes it Possible. Then make it happen. That’s accepting Opportunity.

Love your Adventure. Create new ones. That’s Possibility and Opportunity.

​©2019 by Annie North. All rights reserved.​  Published by Highpoint Life Books.