It began with a text from a stranger.  And before long, Annie had found love again.  And again and again...


Annie didn't plan on her marriage ending, so when she found herself alone, with little more than her three small children and a cellphone, she began making up stories and presenting them to men she met through texting. With each new stranger in her text log, Annie learned more about love, first by becoming the woman they desired, and ultimately the woman she wanted to be. 


In a world of byte-sized social media and instant-gratification, one-click dating apps, Annie takes us on a journey of love, adventure, possibility and opportunity  as she uncovers the men behind the texts, and in so doing, she reveals herself.  This is an edgy, witty, and honest account of the lies that needed to be told in order to bring the truth forward – one that will have you laughing and crying all the way from ridiculous start to surprising finish.

“A courageous memoir and an entertaining exhibit of sexual politics.”

“Tears and laughter.  Annie gets it right on the money.”

“A laugh-out-loud, couldn't-put-it-down, perfect read.”

“Annie is my hero, a goddess of wisdom with a golden pen.”

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​©2019 by Annie North. All rights reserved.​  Published by Highpoint Life Books.